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    Hyvä kehä : työyhteisön menestyminen Kelan paikallishallinnossa by Kapanen, Mikko

    Published 2004
    “…Suomi. Kansaneläkelaitos…”
    Master's thesis
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    Assessment of physical functioning in ambulatory persons with multiple sclerosis : aspects of reliability, responsiveness and clinical usefullness in the ICF framework by Paltamaa, Jaana, kirjoittaja

    Published 2008
    “…Suomi. Kansaneläkelaitos. Tutkimusosasto, julkaisija…”
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    Doctoral dissertation
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    Cognitive deficits in postacute stroke : a study of stroke patients in courses for rehabilitation and psychosocial adjustment by Nyrkkö, Hannu

    Published 1999
    Doctoral dissertation
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